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Principle Event Planner | Creative Director | Owner

Brides know what they want, I make it happen.


An old vintage suitcase can become more than just an old suitcase. It can become a place for guests to place their cards, or a stand for the cake. Making the unconventional conventional is what I do.

A bride can give me a few words on her vision, and I will bring forward ideas that will make her childhood dream seem tangible.

Making someone's vision come to life is what intrigues me most about event planning. I have always had a passion for design and an itch to decorate. Event planning provides this outlet for my creative side.


Brides can count on me to be organized, on time, and under budget. I have a very caring heart, and I see each bride as more than a client. I have the ability to calm a bride, or even the mother of the bride, and assure them that I have it handled. I bring forward a pleasing design, and I can be creative in solving problems that need to be addressed quickly. I am very passionate about planning, and I see each project as more than just a job, allowing me to go above and beyond expectations set.


A personal meeting would allow us to discuss in greater detail the advantages of my services. 


I look forward to hearing from and meeting with you in the near future.